Medical On-Site Language Training

Our main goal is to offer custom courses that relate to the workplace reality. We offer conversation, grammar and writing courses to healthcare professionals and supporting staff who need to acquire or perfect a second language. Our learning process consists in a very interactive approach directly related to the everyday reality of the medical field. Our courses are highly innovative and are structured in a way that the participants can draw immediate satisfaction from the language learning process. The participants will rapidly feel more at ease when expressing themselves in a second language, as their spontaneity, fluency and self-confidence will be at par with the diverse daily activities of their workplace.


Our programs are customized and based on the specific goals and particular needs of our clients. We offer modular courses as well as continuing education. We bring support by enabling you to accurately communicate with patients, colleagues and other specialists of the medical and pharmaceutical world. We build up your self-confidence so you feel comfortable attending seminars, meetings, conferences and various other events requiring sharp negotiation skills. We offer remedial courses and abide by certain in-house strategies assuring you have access to all the support you may require even outside of the classroom.

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