Language Coaching

Language Coaching should not be mistaken for Language Training. The personal language coach provides instant on the spot support in any given situation. It is a highly personalized efficient and necessary method to help professionals attain success and oratory excellence. It will bring great support and confidence to all those who must hold meetings, speak at conferences, participate in various debates or negotiations, present new products and communicate by telephone or via  video conference. We offer all the necessary tools to ensure that your goals and challenges are met as you walk up the path to success.


  • Assessments

  • Identification of specific realistic goals

  • Creation of a personalized program

  • Pronunciation and intonation clinics

  • Plan of action

  • Applications

  • Summary, review and adjustments

  • Performance and Progress Analysis

  • Monitoring and follow -up

Administration and Commerce. Language and Multidisciplinary Training

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